Dakotaland Homes

Credit Guidelines

CAJ Finance Division is an alternative means of financing your home. CAJ will work with you unlike most conventional banks and lenders. We do look at your credit scores but we also rely on 4 other factors.

1st – We look at your current job and job history. Good steady income and a long time on the job can benefit you.

2nd – We check references like landlords, utility companies, rent to own stores, and “buy here” “pay here” establishments.

3rd – We check out your debt ratio, (divide your net income by your monthly obligations)
We want you to have disposable income left over after you pay your bills so you can live comfortably!

4th – Finally we consider how much you can invest in your new home.
If you lack in one or two of the categories, the other categories can make up the difference. We are very understanding and we can work with just about any situation that you may have been in. Give us a try; fill out an application online to get pre-approved for your new home.

Once you have been approved and you have moved into your new home, we will report your payments to Trans Union, one of the three credit reporting agencies in the country. When you make your payments on time, your credit scores should go up. Higher credit scores will SAVE YOU MONEY!